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03.08.2010 Candie Hank @ Headache, BANGBANG Berlin


Candie Hank live @ BANGBANG
(S-BHF/trainstation Hackescher Markt)


Why Do I have to


HEADACHE is the new party brought to you twice a month by international musician and performer Snax and his partner, the debonair Michael R.

Every first and third Tuesday of the month, in Mitte’s Bang Bang Club, Snax and Michael blow your head with a festive, sexually mixed party full of cute boys, willing girls, drink specials and music so eclectic you’ll be begging for an aspirin. HEADACHE will host a special live act and guest DJ every night upstairs while downstairs, patrons with extra strong migraines can visit our soothing Wagner lounge, which offers mind bending visuals and ambiance.

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