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Pit People & BattleBlock Theater – Mega Mashup

A turbulent mashup mix of my video game soundtrack work for Pit People and BattleBlock Theater, featuring a few new and unreleased tracks as well. For the live performance at PAX East Boston, it was needed to give all the different moods and worlds, featured in the game a concert / party touch. While doing that, things got pretty complex and lots of previously unthinkable, astonishing combinations happened. It took me a while to finally record this first Mashup Mix and even trying to consider all material I made for the games, it was quite impossible to have all tracks included. Still, I hope you appreciate the party flow and let me know if you want to hear more of these things in the future.

In any case, I would be happy to play you another game music concert like the one at Pax East / Boston and it still makes me happy to think back to the dedicated fans, doing crazy dance contest moves to my show!

See you guys and thanks for all the support!

Get the Bandcamp Release – HERE –

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In case you want to follow up on the original releases, just check these links:

Catani for BattleBlock Theater:

Catani for Pit People:

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