Patric Catani

A playful – coherently eclectic sound universe.

Infotext of my latest album “Blingsanity” on Keep it Business Records.

He is the master of clubby spaceship sounds. He can hardly curb the constant flow of his output.

He has been tricking us with a seemingly endless number of incarnations and aliases for years.

He began as a child prodigy of Gabba music under the name of E de Cologne, took our hearts by storm as Candie Hank and was for many fans the favourite producer and mastermind behind the Puppetmastaz. Teaming up with Gina V. D’Orio he formed EC8OR and released on the legendary Beastie Boys label Grand Royal. With Xberg Dhirty6 Cru he gracefully chrashed into the German Hip Hop scene and along the way wrote and interpreted the music for the theatre piece „Atomized“ at Stadtheater Freiburg embodying Houellebecq himself on stage. Lately he also mixed and produced the latest record of the Hamburg based Techno Act Fraktus.

Now the Berlin based artist with roots in Cologne delivers an album, that presents his incomparable mix of crime thriller melodies, electro excentric and superior nonchalance on a level that can only be described as perfection.

Blingsanity is full of genius ideas and tricky moves flavoured with Catani’s special brand of humour.

All tracks are impressive examples of state of the art bass music, the production is flawless and the sound deeper then ever. Every second of this Acid RnBass album is sheer pleasure.

Apart from a few B-movie samples, Bingsanity is an instrumental album, dominated by lowriding downtempo beats, a slow motion monster beyond comparison, which is definitely a novelty in the Catani cosmos. Although the chameleonic producer sticks to his inner crazy scientist with a faible for Edgar Wallace soundtracks, Blingsanity shows a new quality, that can be described as generosity or diffuseness. Some of the tracks sound almost contemplative. It seems, that this time Catani did not follow his eratic flow of his associations, but committed himself to a bigger picture.

Blingsanity comes with a certainty and ease, that can hardly be found on his former releases. Every track takes its time to establish and vary its themes. Every idea has enogh room to grow.

The first track „Put More To It“ shows us the dark side of Catani, the self-referential 8Bit aesthetics get beamed through a multitude of bass levels to new horizons; “Lithuanian Roots” oscillates between baroque melodies and a massive Grime chorus, leading to a kind of Acid Calypso Lounge style in the end. „Family Circus“ creates a psychedelic atmosphere, cleverly accompanied by 808 RnB and Kraut elements. „Heartstrong“ enriches its noisy base with tropical vibes, a combination that gets consequently completed in „Tropical Rain“. The title track „Blingsanity“ – surprisingly the most radical track on the album – combines snarling synths with an oldschool Hiphop beat.

Once started, you just can’t help but listen to the whole album. A dark, mysterious and very entertaining trip through the depths of Patric Catani’s world of sound. (Text by Autopilot)

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