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Candie Hank aka Patric Catani producer of countless Records and also Remixes for people like Puppetmastaz, Ladytron, Kap Bambino and many more..
He´s notorious for breaking the rules of the generic oh so common monotonia that´s represented in the clubworld most of the time. The celebrating type!
Never letting the crowd down he always pulls out another exploding mix out of his international touring sleeve .. File under: russian space polka baile cumbia booty punk apocalypso.

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Candie Hank – Groucho Running Info

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Music Samples

Candie Hank – Disko der Aussaetzigen

Candie Hank – Disko der Aussaetzigen

Angie Reed – Hustle a Hustler (Candie Hank mix)

Candie Hank – We all go die tonite



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