Theater Music

In 2002, stage designer at Volksbuehne and co-organizer of “Rollende Road Schau” Bert Neumann introduced me to the theater world. After some collaborations with Volksbuehne in Sao Paulo, Sofia and Berlin, I composed my first theater soundtrack for an adoption of F. Dostojewkij’s “the Gambler”, directed by Johan Simons at Volksbühne Berlin and various theaters in the Netherlands in collaboration with ZT Hollandia.

I enjoy working on music for stories and gathered lots of experience with different directors and ensembles in many theaters in Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands. Feel free to get in touch about interesting collaborations.

Past theater work:

FIFA, Glaube Liebe Korruption (2019), directed by Christoph Frick. Konzert Theater Bern
Die Unbehausten (2019), directed by Raphael Hillebrand. Parkaue Berlin
Abgezockt (2017), directed by Christoph Frick. Staatsschauspiel Dresden
Die Unverheiratete (2016), directed by Felicitas Brucker. Schauspielhaus Basel
Retten was zu retten ist (2016), directed by Felicitas Brucker, Theater Basel
Antigone, Nirgends in Friede (2015), directed by Felicitas Brucker, Theater Basel
photo by Maurice Korbel
Elementarteilchen (2013), directed by Christoph Frick, Theater Freiburg
Die Zehn Gebote / Dekalog (2005), directed by Johan Simons. Münchner Kammerspiele
Zocker (2004), directed by Johan Simons. Volksbuehne Berlin / ZT Hollandia