Music for Video Games

Since over 10 years, I provide music for the San Diego based game company “The Behemoth” and my music was used in their games “BattleBlock Theater”, “Pit People” and I had the big pleasure to write the complete soundtrack for their newest game “Alien Hominid Invasion”.

As a life long game music collector who grew up with the Commodore 64 SID sound, and someone who digged deep in the rich universe of Nintendo, Sega and Atari games, I never stopped exploring the fun possibilities of contemporary, immersive game music production.

Contact me if you have an idea for an interesting collaboration or simply want to license a track for your game production.

Some examples of my video game music:

Alien Hominid Invasion (tba), The Behemoth

Trailer Music for “Party Animals Game” tba

Pit People (2016), The Behemoth
Pit People (2016) Cutscenes, The Behemoth
Pit People (2016), Early Access Trailer, The Behemoth
BattleBlock Theater (2013), The Behemoth
Minton (2015), by Gamefabrik
Minton (2015), by Gamefabrik
Mushroom Wars (2009), by Creatstudios
Digger HD (2009), by Creatstudios