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Patric Catani´s universe represents different genres of electronic music from raw acid rn´bass to soundtrack oriented, cartoon rap and futuristic 8bit cumbia swing. He is involved in about 80 releases and countless remixes besides music for film, videogames, theater, audioplays and sound installations.



Patric Catani, breaking musical rules and creating new futuristic worlds that skip between rough electronic spheres, soundtrack melodies, 8bit bass, rap and slight memories of the abstract electro and acid school. Starting with 16 releasing records produced on the Amiga Computer, he still is notorious for his tracker enthusiasm and has managed to transport his vision of music with all it´s facets to a broader audience during the years. You will sense the smell of Catani in all of his productions no matter which genre comes to his mind in this particular moment. An undisciplined and raw analog  force filth in dialogue with a full blast of satiric laughter and the uncontrolled power of a dropout dadaist maniac of music. Always interested to collaborate with other artists musicians and up for developing ideas and concepts, his career already passed many stations in music, visual art, workshops, lectures and sound installations. Well known for his old bands and projects on DHR and his work with the Puppetmastaz or Driver&Driver, he never stops to evolve his new unusual but ear stroking drills of energy.

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Candie Hank (the mischievous alter ego of Patric Catani) has been messing up the musical landscape from Tokyo to Sao Paolo for some time now. It all started with a cover of France Gall’s ‘Les Sucettes’ in collaboration with Hanayo, followed by the albums Kimouchi on Gagarin Records, Brandy Cramps on the French label Wwilko, a CD release on Solzne Records in Russia (Messer Chups) and the Groucho Running Album on Sonig. Despite multiple other releases with A*Class, Very Impossible Person, Puppetmastaz, among others, as well as various theater and film soundtracks.

As mentioned earlier, Candie’s life hasn’t always been all jet set and pure luxury, and of course, there have been one or two confrontations with colleagues. But even in difficult situations he always made the right decision in affect and managed to smash his extreme and grotesquely beautiful music smoothly and funky into the ballroom like a good bottle of wine.

Born in a Fun Park close to the Belgium Border and spending his youth among the Bayer Chemical Factories he had to learn about synthesizers very early in his youth to illustrate the palm reading sessions of his mother with dark soundtracks and scapes. Suspension – a burned stigma in the Candie Hank brain – the Enigma of conscious dead end roads jammed with junk and coarse gravel of the future. Salon music for Vampires a happy jellyfish tango of Laura Palmer´s secret step brother.

A cinematic, confronting journey through the eras of forgotten futurist lounge and Beat – He´s using the symbols of our darwinist pop society and the typical male stereotype character role model to appreciatively take it apart and dismantle the dictated, risk free attitude of the “New APP Order”. Hanks anarchistic approach taking and modifying statements in a plunderphonic way but giving it the spice and soul of Moog synths, 8Bit Roughness and the surreal twist of a Daniil Charms worshipping sample eating Bassmonster. Of course always in honour of Morricone, Rock Hunter, Hazil Adkins and the Euromasters.


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