Dhirty6 Remix by Scarlatti goes Electro

I have to announce this remix video of the Dhirty6 Cru..

Antoine Souchav from Bordeaux brought a really nice new approach to the Xberg Dhirty6 Cru song Teufelsgeiger and it´s a burner on every Vampires Out, Minuet Rococo Garden party and duel. The remix came out on the D6 Release “Die Mixe der Anderen” which is a Remix Album of “Die Reime der Anderen” (The Rhymes of the others, a sort of persiflage to the GDR Stasi movie Life of the others). Featuring:

Karlmarxstadt, Mad-Ep, Scarlatti goes Electro, Angxbeisser, Very Impossible Person, Istari Lasterfahrer, Candie Hank, The Allophons, Bambam Babylon Bajash, E de Cologne, DJ Opferrille and more

– Click here to watch the Video on the Dhirty6 Cru site –


Herr Schulze Artwork for ILL TILL Dhirty6 Cru
Artwork – Die Reime der Anderen – Teufelsgeiger – Herr Schulze