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June 4, 2010: Flex Busterman @ Worm "DANCE TO THE BIT"

Flex Busterman will bust the worm! “Be there or be octangular”

Line Up


Flex Busterman is the 8-bit alter ego of Patric Catani. In 1997 he released his legendary album “The Horrible Plans of Flex Busterman”, which paved the way for many later micromusic releases. Some time ago, he started performing as Flex Busterman again, reason enough to drop by Rotterdam and put his horrible plans to work!


Friend of Dance to the Bit and Bleepstreet label manager Computadora, compiled a special DJ-Micro-Mashup set to put a stop, for once and all, to the prejudice that hifi audio is needed to make people dance!


Je Deviens DJ En 3 Jours made a name for himself by compiling “Da Chip”, an album with Daft Punk remixes. He’ll use his Gameboys tonight as well to make loads of booty shake!


Prolific and productive Dance to the Bit veteran Goto80 plays a special listening/ambient set tonight.


VJ Raquel Meyers takes care of visuals tonight. High contrast: check, low resolution: check. Party on!


Microtterdam DJ’s are Frau Holle a.k.a. Firestarter, Listentomerijn and DJ65535 a.k.a. Pornologic. They will be playing the lowest fi of the Rotterdam area.


Pornophonique describe themselves as Gameboy meets Lagerfeuer. So join us around the campfire and sing along with timeless classics like “Sad Robot” and “I Want to Be a Machine”

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