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Patric Catani Music in Battle Block Theater Videogame

The Behemoth (Castle Crashers) newest jump&run videogame “Battle Block Theater” is announced to come soon. It will feature music of Patric Catani and looks just amazing. Watch these trailers and Enjoy!

By Catani, August 9, 2011 | 2 Comments | Share
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2 responses to “Patric Catani Music in Battle Block Theater Videogame”

  1. Trevor Duren says:

    Hi this is Trevor Duren also known as CrimsonBullet on Youtube and I wanted to ask for your permission to use your music that you added to BattleBlock Theater. The music is great and it goes great with the game. Thank you for reading this and your time.

  2. Catani says:

    first of all, thank you so much for your email and your request!
    Actually I would be very happy if you feature my music on your channel and it wouldn´t be a problem for me.
    Since Youtube recoginizes the music automatically, it´s not controllable for me if they get noticed with their Content Id.. There is other gamevideos online that include my music, so normally it should not be a problem.. But it is up to Youtube unfortunately and they are hard to get in touch with ..
    I don´t know if youtube makes it a problem for your channel, I hope not.. I guess on solution is to switch off monetization on this video and it will be fine.

    In case you could also include tunes of this playlist of my BattleBlock Theater Music and the music of a game called “Blox in Space” I would be very grateful!

    These are the credits:
    Music composed by Patric Catani /
    Spotify: Patric Catani – 

    Thank you very much,

    All the best,

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