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Blingsanity Remix Album – Out on Dec. 13th 2013


I´m very happy to announce the Blingsanity Remix album, featuring some of my favorite musicians. Following artists put hands on my Blingsanity tracks:
DZA, Debmaster, Piper Street Sound (Matt Mansfield), Synthetic Freedom Fighters, Aglory, Beam Up, Mad Ep (Matthew Peters), Karlmarxstadt (Coco Lowres), DJ nic and Candie Hank.

This 10 track album released by Keep it Business and Finetunes will be available in all online shops. Buy it on:





Check it out on Soundcloud:


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One response to “Blingsanity Remix Album – Out on Dec. 13th 2013”

  1. henning loesch says:

    Danke für EWure Info. Habe schon das ” Original” mehrfach in meiner Sendung vorgestellt. Playlists kamen über guido M / Autopilot. Die remixscheibe würde ich dito gerbne vorstellen. Vieleicht habt Ihr ja Interesse.

    Schöne Grüße


    Redaktion laut&deutlich
    radio Dreyeckland

    Meine Adresse gibz auf Anfrage gerne

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