Candie Hank Mixtape for Inside the Box

Candie Hank, High Art of Lo-Fi

Candie Hank – High Art of Lo-Fi

Patric Catani / Candie Hank Mixtape

I´m honoured to bring you the Inside the Box Mix no #20 and to celebrate their 1st year anniversary with you!
The music can be described as psychedelic bass and booty sounds from the past and future.

About the mix:
You can build on concept on top of the other, spin at around to feed it with some more loaded up conceptional idea. Pass it on to some more people who load it up with theoretics and slowly take out the original flavour to make it more accessible and safe. You continue on their ideas, give it another theoretical twist to finally release something completely different from the origin.
OR – You just bang that shit!
Keep it spicy!
Sincerely yours,
Candie Hank