Happy New Year!

Modern Bucuresti New Years Eve Party
Modern Bucuresti New Years Eve Party

After a few months of working in the studio and for the theaterplay of Elementarteilchen at Theater Freiburg. I had a very nice start of 2013 in Bucharest / Modern Bucuresti. While I was chilling in the south of Germany I made this 8Bit East European Cumbia track containing Romanian and Russian vocal snippets.
I´m planning a nice and easy Candie Hank release for spring going more into that direction.


BUT! Also coming soon:

Tour in Russia / March

Final Release of the Videogame “Battle Block Theater” containing a lot of my music. I will release the used songs on my Bandcamp as well.

In May I will release the first Patric Catani album since almost a decade on the new label “Keep it Business”, I´m very happy about it and will keep you informed.

It looks like 2013 will be not as bad as it sounds ..

See you, all the best for 2013!