party catani, lowfistication poster

Party Catani – Lowfistication XXL Album Package / Cock Rock Disco by Catani

Lowfistication Album on Cock Rock Disco
Including free Remixes of Toktok and Candie Hank on Soundcloud

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I also made the Blowfist EP including a lot of Bonus tracks and nice artwork by Martin Mueller (http://www.ilikeyourbadbreathdaddy.de/)

Altogether a mega package of insensitivity, an excursion to a raving Jurassic Park. Something to wave your loincloth to while Dinosaurs around you digest their catch. If it gives you a head or muscle ache, I´m sorry.. ! – One of the few concept albums I ever made..
I took myself the freedom to stir up all I could find in the so called club, rave / banging context and made this overspiced, overcooked, – yes; let´s say even overcocked stew. Like in a shamanic self-cleaning I juggled and shuffled with all those “forbidden” elements that just can lead to ridiculous fun.. And we all know 2012 is coming…!