New Candie Hank Album – Ciao Bella!


I´m very happy to announce a new Candie Hank mini album, despite the fact it´s too maxi for a mini album, these 8 tracks I simply had to release before the summer. Candie Hank – Ciao Bella!, an exploration of tropical acid psychedelia and surfy Catani swamp beats. Released in cooperation with Storage Records on  Bandcamp and various other popular download sites.

Longing I walked my path, diving iced seas, studying the language of Puddle Bong Frogs.
After a long time of recreation, navigating over the Oceans, spending countless hours in deep dialog with jellyfish and long nights on my fluorescent coral bed in the deep sea, cutting wood for the winters in Cape Horn and distilling pure spirits that I filtered with pages of old books, a wishful utopia became reality.

A musical umbrella crafted to resist sun storms and other turbulences.
Be wise, travel light and praise the place to hide.

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Ciao Bella! - Candie Hank