Patric Catani & Candie Hank Live Videos

I enjoy these wintermonths very much, my new Candie Hank album is coming on the 25th of april on Shitkatapult which gives me some time to go through a lot of live footage we filmed last year. These are the videos of my Blingsanity Release concert at Berghain Kantine, the RadioEins Parkfest and the Candie Hank concert at MADEIRADIG Festival 2013.


Patric Catani – Album release concert at Berghain Kantine Berlin:

filmed by Robert Defcon and Oliver Kless, Courtesy of Defcon/UFAlab


Patric Catani – RadioEins Parkfest Berlin

filmed by Oliver Kless


Candie Hank at MADEIRADIG Festival 2013:

filmed by James Welburn |


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