Candie Hank – Mash up Give away

candie hank, give away mash up

Inofficial mash up give away tracks that can save your party. Mixes put together by an abysmal bass aesthete. No matter what they say about me – I´m motherf*ckin C A N D I E ! File under original Slickback infringement – In thrilling anticipation for my Lowfistication Release on Cock Rock Disco !!! The […]

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Hello! I´m proud to present my new Website and hope you like it. This site got realized by Justus Henke. The design and Catani Music logo is done by the artist Herr Müller (I like your bad breath daddy). Please send us Feedback, tell us what you like and what you´re missing! Ungoing construction,, some […]

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Tickler Mash Up Remix of Toytone Track

patric catani, flex busterman live amaze / club transmediale ctm

Tickler made a nice mash up of the  Toytone Track “Cuisine du Flex” that I have on my 8Bit Collectiv Site. Originally a more abstract Amiga AHX Tracker tune transformed in a Baile House Nyquil banger. Works surprisingly well as a club tune all the sudden.. – Check Kurt Ticklers Soundcloud – And enjoy the […]

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Dhirty6 Remix by Scarlatti goes Electro

I have to announce this remix video of the Dhirty6 Cru.. Antoine Souchav from Bordeaux brought a really nice new approach to the Xberg Dhirty6 Cru song Teufelsgeiger and it´s a burner on every Vampires Out, Minuet Rococo Garden party and duel. The remix came out on the D6 Release “Die Mixe der Anderen” which […]

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driver&driver, we are the world

Driver&Driver Album – We are the World is out now. CD, Black&White Vinyl Double LP and Digital Release – Distributed by Roughtrade Buy on: Zero Inch, Itunes, Musicload, Amazon, Dj Tunes Check: …Patric Catani, master of the puppets of the Digital Hardcore Lounge and Chris Imler, drummer of life and ruler of any family […]

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Party Catani – Lowfistication

Coming soon on Cock Rock Disco:                           Party Catani – Lowfistication. featuring the whole familia Catani, Candie Hank, Very Impossible Person, Toytone and Patric Catani himself. A small backlash for you but a massive step back for us! Stonehenge Disco! Going with the […]

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