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Patric Catani – Video Game Music

This is a 10 track  album including two different video game soundtracks, first of all the Catani contribution to the wonderful and astonishing XBox game “Battle Block Theater” by The Behemoth (Castle Crashers). The second soundtrack was written for the Tetris adoption “Blox in Space” by Ninzini Playground.

Both soundtracks focus on a cartoonish fairy tale space disco direction that supports the atmosphere of little comic creatures going through jump and run, platform and puzzle game adventures.

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Patric Catani + Chris Imler multichannel surround installation in collaboration with the artist Jorinde Voigt.

Produced and presented at Watermill Center / Robert Wilson Institute / NY – Long Island 2007 and Galerie Christian Lethert Cologne 2008

Released on Sonig

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Die Zehn Gebote – Decalogue (Kieslowskij / Piesievicz)

Shown at Münchner Kammerspiele 2005 , directed by Johan Simons.

Some of this music also got used in the Movie “Stadt des Lichts” by Volker Sattel and Mario Mentrup / Vakant Film – Go to their site


Zocker / Der Spieler

Shown at Volksbühne Berlin and in the Netherlands by ZT Hollandia 2004 – Directed by Johan Simons.


Kongress der Supervisionäre (Radio Play)

by Matthias Wittekindt + Christoph Kalkowski


Toute la Memoire du Monde –

video installation by Nina Fischer + Maroan El Sani

Filmed in the old national library in Paris and comparing the old busy, adventurous athmosphere of the original documentary “toute la memoire du monde” by Alain Resnais with the stagnated and lonely mood you find there nowadays, after the library got closed.


Goodbye Gasoline – Installation

Presented in Santiago Chile 2007 and Buenos Aires Art Fair 2008 – Soundscapes + atmospheric soundcollage. The installation by Sigismond de Vajay was made with a lot of moving miniature oil pumps installed in the height of the eyes. Watching it and listening to the sounds transported a scary and mystic but captivating feel. It´s not money that makes the economy running – it´s energy.

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