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Hello, I started a Bandcamp to make my music available more quickly and release side projects, soundtracks, outtakes and different other stuff that I´m working on. Following albums and songs are available already and there´s much more to come soon. You also can go straight to the Shop – here –

Party Catani – Blowfist EP


Patric Catani – Supervision Soundtrack (music of a radio audioplay)


Patric C. / Toytone – Pad Sounds (music I did on the Gp2x Game Console)


Patric Catani – Die Zehn Gebote / Decalogue (Theater Soundtrack)


Patric Catani – Zocker / The Gambler (Theater Soundtrack)


Patric Catani – Toute la memoire du monde (music of an art installation)


Patric Catani – Goodbye Gasoline (music of an art installation)

Easily get your album in Wav, Mp3, Flac and many other formats and pay via Paypal.