Patric Catani live at Blip Australia

Patric Catani at Blip Festival Australia Melbourne 2-2012 from Patric Catani on Vimeo.


Special occasion at Blip Australia 2012 in Melbourne to play an Amiga + Gp2x concert. The hot weather must have influenced the Soundchip and funny things happened during the concert. A very nice event, thanks to everybody who came and the Blip organisation! The new Flex Busterman tracks also will be released in October by the japanese label Murderchannel.

Blip Line Up:
7bit Hero (BNE)
10k (SYD)
Abortifacient (SYD)
Batsly Adams (US)
Bit Shifter (US)
Derris-Kharlan (MEL)
Dot.AY (MEL)
_ensnare_ (UK)
Gentle Hurst (SYD)
Hally (JP)
iLKke (SYD)
Jayson Haebich (MEL)
Lazerbeat (UK)
little-scale (ADE)
Monodeer (NL)
Nullsleep (US)
Old Grey Wolf (NZ)
Patric Catani (DE)
Saitone (JP)
Trash80 (US)