Patric Catani playing Alien Hominid Invasion OST HD

This is a re-upload in HD of my concert for The Behemoth / Pax Online 2020 featuring my first beta batch of the Alien Hominid Invasion Soundtrack. Here is what The Behemoth and Pax Online wrote about it:

This is the HD encore video of the PAX Online + EGX Digital live musical performance of the Alien Hominid Invasion OST with Berlin based artist, Patric Catani. Catani has been collaborating with The Behemoth for the last 10 years and has contributed tracks to BattleBlock Theater, Pit People, and of course, Alien Hominid Invasion. Much like the Behemoth, Catani puts a new spin on old magic, blending classic chip sounds with modern instruments. In the Alien Hominid Invasion OST you will find original SID (C64) and Sega Chip sounds in an organic mix with analog synths, acid basslines and even guitars. All of these elements come together to create a unique tonality and greater connection to an alien organism and their universe. Tip: Turn the lights down and the volume up for a maximum dance floor simulation experience!

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