Patric Catani – Video Game Music

This is the Patric Catani Video Game Music Release brought to you today on Halloween to make all monsters move! This album contains the Patric Catani contribution for the game BattleBlock Theater by The Behemoth (Castle Crashers) and the unreleased Tetris adoption “Blox in Space” by Ninzini. Both soundtracks are a funny mix of classic choir and electronic retro futurist uptempo nostalgia. The concept of “Blox in Space” was that you could gain new music during the game while moving up in the levels, that way it features a sort of space calypso version and a speedy Happy Hardcore / J-Pop version for the Pro-Gamers as well.  Since the game Blox in Space never came to a final release it is possible to license the music still. You can read the full description on my Bandcamp. Enjoy this cheerful comic madness!

Be in touch if you need game music by Patric Catani.