Alien Hominid Invasion OST (BETA)


Patric Catani

On the occasion of Pax Online taking place from Sept. 12th to 20th, my friends from The Behemoth asked me to do a live performance with the music I composed for “Alien Hominid Invasion”. So I will play a concert for you in the next days, check back at www.thebehemoth for the exact timetable.

This game soundtrack Beta release comes in parallel with the demo version of the game being released on Steam. Both the game and the music are work in progress, so you can expect much much more surprises to be added until the final release. I hope that this first batch makes the waiting time a little bit shorter for you, and that you enjoy being part of the development process of this amazing new game.


releases May 6, 2021

All tracks written, performed and produced by Patric Catani
Released on Storage Records, Published by Edition Stora / Freibank
Artwork by Amigobusiness /

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