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Lemniscate / ∞
(acoustic cluster, multi-channel audio installation) by Jorinde Voigt (concept) in cooperation with Patric Catani and Chris Imler (composition)The acoustic cluster in the form of a loop – an 8 lying flat in space – is realised using a multi-channel arrangement of 5 to 10 loudspeakers. In the form of an 8 / ∞, the composition chases an acoustic cluster through space. Patric Catani works out a composition of acoustic impulses and interferences in cooperation with Jorinde Voigt. In part, these will originate from real situations, but some will be produced electronically. Here, the 8 defines an axis of 7 points and functions as a basic “geographic” axis (comparable to the otherwise valid axis: north, east, south, west) for the acoustic motion. The cluster is created in the region between the earth’s surface and a point above head height, which can also be raised infinitely. The field for declining the different wavelengths should somewhat exceed the humanly perceptible short- and long-wave spectrum.

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