Candie Hank – Ritm Conectare Stil Non Stop Mixtape

Mixtape of new Kuchek and Manele Music I found. Feat. Ercan Ahatli, DJ Meto, DJ Spirit, Florin Salam, Atar Mayner, DJ Markos, Gabi Tr3pacha, DJ QnY, DJ Toncho and many others. Hard to reconstruct where and what everything is precisely, lots of re-edits and juicy cut-ups. It has one short Cumbia edit part that I […]

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Ghandie Spank – Teachings of Bootysm

Ghandie Spank – Bootysm Mix by Catani A spiritual journey all the way from dubby club step bangers to traditional Booty House and Ritual Hardcore Recordings. Some of the tracks are very old and we all shall have mercy on dropping impact. The teachings of Ghandie Spank. File under: Healing Bounce Gathering and Ritual Gabba […]

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