Battle Block Theater – Released 3rd of april!

Unbelievable, stunning, incredible, amazing, superb, exciting, thrilling, mindblowing, outrageous! Battle Block Theater by The Behemoth got released today! Featuring lots of my music. Battle Block Theater available for XBox  – here – Check The Behemoth website and find out about their amazing work! I will release a compilation of my videogame soundtracks on my Bandcamp […]

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Working on new Theatermusic, Houellebecq – The Elementary Particles

photo by Maurice Korbel

I´m spending a fair amount of time in the Freiburg “Stadttheater” at the moment to work on Christoph Frick´s version of “Michel Houellebecq  – the Elementary Particles”. I compose the music for it and will join the theatreplay with concert parts, presenting a mix of misanthropop, electro, chanson and physical-physic pornpunk. The actors Marie Bonnet, […]

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