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The Brain of Flex Busterman

I am very happy to finally present you the follow up / sequel album of my 90s video game soundtrack album “The Horrible Plans of Flex Busterman”. Again, it is produced on the old Amiga Homecomputer, but with a newer tracker music program called “AHX Tracker” which doesn’t work with samples, but only chiptune style […]

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Twerk Life Balance Compilation

I’m happy to announce this exciting Split Ep on the Swiss label Oro Negro. It features 5 tracks of the artists DJ Marcelle, Twerking Class Heroes, Meister Lampe and me with my moniker Candie Hank. The aim for everybody involved, was to create a song in Kuchek style and each of us found a very […]

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Late Summer Bounce Playlist

Hey everybody, thought to recap my last productions, since the flow of different projects got maybe a little bit confusing. It’s the last days of warm weather over here and I put this playlist together with a few bouncy and trippy tracks that slipped a bit under the radar. Especially the instrumental versions of the […]

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